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These sessions are a powerful deep-dive into the underlying intention of the soul using the astrological birth chart as a tool for uncovering your deepest evolutionary patterns and desires. These sessions are designed to provide greater clarity regarding many of the core themes and challenges that you are working with – often unconsciously – throughout your life.

Evolutionary Astrology

for a Soul Rooted Life

Astrology is an ancient science created by the masters of old and refined over thousands of years of human observation and interaction with the celestial bodies for the purpose of gaining sacred knowledge of the “self.” Through rekindling this self-knowledge, one is invited into greater depths of conscious insight and participation with one’s life path, relational dynamics, purposeful livelihood, and underlying soul aims. In these sessions, we uncover your core evolutionary desires and reveal steps toward walking a pathway toward their rooted realizations in this lifetime. 

About Us

Hayden & Alia

We first met on a vision quest in the mountains of Colorado. The ceremony and the land wove our lives together, offering us a shared vision of a life-affirming world. From the beginning, it was clear that our coming together in romantic partnership was intended as gift not only for ourselves but for the world. In these shared astrology sessions, we use the intelligence of our relational field to reflect and reveal with much greater resolution (then we could on our own) the soul rooted evolutionary invitations of the seeker. We believe that we are stronger, clearer, and more balanced together, and thus use our shared way of knowing in devotional service to the evolutionary growth of others in service to a more beautiful world.


“Hayden‘s interpretation of the luminaries is a magical one, while also bringing a practicality to work with. It feels he is truly guided in his sessions to ground the expansiveness of astrology into personal direction. After my time with Hayden, I feel more awareness around how the astrological aspects influence my experience and how to use these aspects in my chart to find balance and growth.”

Abby B.

Reiki Practitioner

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Our Services

We offer a variety of session types and services that utilize the many facets of the astrology chart as a tool for deepened self-understanding. All our services are designed to generate greater clarity in order to support more conscious choice in alignment with your soul’s core evolutionary aims. There are many layers, depths, and facets to the craft of astrology, thus we provide a range of session types to support the many different needs, interests, and curiosity of the seeker wherever they are on their journey.

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Individual Evolution

Personal Birth Chart Reading 

In these sessions, Alia & Hayden utilize the personal natal chart as a means for uncovering the primary evolutionary desires of the seeker, past karmic dynamics as well as invitations and opportunities for greater depths of integration and empowerment. This is a radical encounter with your Unique Self as presented through the celestial “blueprint” created through a map of the sky at the moment that you were born. Through this ancient way of seeing oneself, more steps can be taken toward greater harmony, purpose, and creative liberation.

Relational Evolution

Relational Synastry Chart Reading

In these sessions, we look at the dynamic interplay between two individuals in order to highlight the underlying desires, gifts, challenges, opportunities, and evolutionary invitations of the relationship. Our intention with this service is to provide increased clarity and conscious insight into the dynamics present in the partnership, in order to increase harmonic alignment within the shared field. Although we recommend that both individuals are present during these sessions for greatest depth and potential of the reading, we are also able to provide these readings to one member of a partnership dynamic if that is desired.

Attuning to the Now

Transit Chart Reading

 In these sessions, we look at the current moment for the seeker using the birth chart as the constant and layering over it the current planetary transits. This affords, with great resolution, an ability to see the unique evolutionary invitations and karmic dynamics present in this particular moment for the individual. Using astrology in this way offers a map for navigating the complexities of the current moment as it relates and interfaces with the individual’s unique core evolutionary tasks, revealing the present moment challenges, opportunities, tensions, obstacles, and invitations in real time. 

Deep Dive

Soul Rooted Evolutionary Attunement Package

In these packages of either 4 or 6 sessions we guide the seeker through a deep-dive journey into the depths of soul, psyche, and the unique self through uncovering profound insights and supporting radical embodiment practices to help incorporate what is being revealed. Using astrology as a map of the territory, we travel together into the depths of somatic experience through guided imagery, mindfulness practice, and somatic presencing to liberate possibilities and latent potential eager to become consciously realized for the cultivation of a truly Soul Rooted Life.

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Remote Pre-Recorded Chart Analysis


This is our lowest resolution offering for those who may not be available to commit to a live session but are interested in dipping their toe into these astrological realms. Here we record a basic topology analysis of the natal astrology chart and send a recording of it right to your inbox for you to listen to/watch in the comfort of your own space at your convenience. This can be a great place to start for those just begining to open the door to astrology and/or soul rooted personal development.

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